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The World's most convenient WIFI IP CAMERA . From installing to setting up to customer-friendly app that allows two way speaking, accessing history of the Camera through the app, to motion detection barking alert - this small wonder is full of big surprises and never before features.


Open up the pack, power up the camera, install DOBI app on your mobile (available for iPhone and Android) and follow the simple step by step procedure. On an average customers are able to install within 10 minutes. For further details refer the manual that comes with the product


Goodbye Expensive DVRs, Wires & Exorbitant Set Up Charges: Say goodbye to expensive DVRs, long wires and calling an electrician/ CCTVwala home for "installing a CCTV camera"! Just insert a 32GB Micro SD card in the in-built slot and get ready to check the history and store it as well in your Windows laptop/PC! Anyone with basic understanding of mobile phones can start using this camera within minutes. Please note that without the 32 GB Micro SD card, real-time monitoring is possible but the saving of history/feed is not possible.

Two-way talking, Dual Speech Function - You can talk to the person at the other end by pressing the microphone button on the app. Do note the quality varies as per the internet connection.

Motion Sensor Bark & In app notification: If you are out of home, you can activate motion sensor through your app. Anyone crosses the path of the camera, the camera will bark, take pictures and upload it on the app.

Night Vision: Thanks to infrared enable lens, you can access the videos in low light/night conditions

Record without Internet: You need internet to set up the camera for the first time (with your mobile), after that by inserting Micro SD Card you can check the recording (on your laptop/PC) even without the internet. If you want to check it via the APP Cleverdog needs to have a stable internet connection.



  • Range: 92 degree
  • Megapixels: 1.2 mega pixels
  • App: Type 'DOBI' in App Store or Google Play - Full Function App is free for all users
  • Lens: Color Lens, Wide Angle
  • Video Encode/Decode: H.264
  • Resolution: 720x576@15fps
  • Night Vision: Built-in photographic lens, automatically enabled infrared LED under low illumination
  • Storage: Supports Micro SD card, 32GB
  • Working Temperature: -10-60 Degrees Celsius, Indoor



Legal Disclaimer

  • The WIFI IP camera should at all times be used respecting the applicable laws and privacy of other individuals.
  • Ventures is not responsible for any improper usage of theWIFI IP camera.

Configuration :

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