spoter Plug & Play GPS

It is a Mini intelligent GPS Vehicle positioning terminal. It combines the GSM wireless communication technology and GPS positioning system technology, terminals using industrial-grade highly integrated design, intelligent power-saving and passive drift suppression, installation is simple, connect the power supply to start work immediately, wide input voltage range, wide applicable to all types of cars, motor cycles, electric cars, ships, etc., can provide all-weather, real-time vehicle positioning function, with global positioning service platform, you can achieve remote vehicle management.


What is Streaming technology?

Streaming or media streaming is a technique for transferring data so that it can be processed as a steady and continuous stream. Streaming technologies are becoming increasingly important with the growth of the Internet because most users do not have fast enough access to download large multimedia files quickly. With streaming, the client browser or plug-in can start displaying the data before the entire file has been transmitted.

For streaming to work, the client side receiving the data must be able to collect the data and send it as a steady stream to the application that is processing the data and converting it to sound or pictures. This means that if the streaming client receives the data more quickly than required, it needs to save the excess data in a buffer. If the data doesn't come quickly enough, however, the presentation of the data will not be smooth.


Benefits of streaming technology:

  1. greater network bandwidth, especially in the last mile.
  2. increased access to networks, especially the Internet.
  3. use of standard protocols and formats, such as TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML.
  4. Commercialization of the Internet.


Features :

1) High sensitivity GPS chipset.

2) Built –in switching power supply, wide voltage input: 9V to 24V.

3) Optional SMS functionality supported.

4) Built in monitoring CPU, automatic fault recovery.

5) Support GSM 900/1800MHz cellular network as data carrier.

6) Built in GSM and GSM Antenna.

7) Inbuilt motion sensor for power saving.

8) SOS panic button.

9) Geo- fencing control.

10) Low battery alarm.

11) Over speed alarm.

12) Portable, easy to install.

13) Real Time System View (Track a wide range of vehicles at a time).

14) On board data storage (The tracking information of previous month of your vehicle stored automatically.)

15) Advanced Reverse Geo-coding based on accurate google map data (accurate street names for stops)

16) Flexible Reporting Platform (Time on customer site, over idle, service/odometer, stop with distance travelled,

geofence reports, etc.)

17) Mobile interface (View vehicle locations from a mobile device)

18) Anti-theft protection.

219) One year limited warrantee.



Set Apn : #6666#sapn#internet###
Set Timezone: #6666#stz#e0#
Start Gprs: #6666#gprs#1#
Set Server: #6666#ip#
Get Location : #6666#GL#
get Status : #6666#VINFO#
Restart Device : #6666#RESET#
Factory Settings : #6666#FACTORY#

Set Upload time interval on moving : #6666#smt#30#
Set Upload time interval on stands : #6666#sst#3#



Set Apn : apn123456 internet
Set Timezone: timezone123456 0
Set Server: ip123456 5013
Get Location : smslink123456
get Status : check123456
Restart Device : reset123456
Factory Settings : begin123456

Set Upload time interval on moving : ITV123456 10