SPOTER Tracking System for Truck

spoter truck management system spoter truck management system spoter

Vehicle tracking systems are commonly used by fleet operators for fleet management functions such as fleet tracking, routing, dispatching, on-board information and security.

for example by sending an automatic alert to a phone or email if an alarm is triggered or the vehicle is moved without authorization, or when it leaves or enters a geofence.

Other scenarios in which this technology is employed include:


Retaining current customers is a high priority. In several cases, the detailed reports of SPOTER - Vehicle Tracking System provided led to higher customer retention numbers. Customers like to see proof that service was completed on time, and by providing that proof, you keep your customers and your commission.


One area where vehicle tracking software has proved extremely beneficial in recent years is in helping with taxi fleet management, whether in small towns or big cities.

The latest technology is easy to use, allowing dispatchers and taxi fleet owners to keep tabs on their vehicles and manage them more effectively. Knowing where your drivers are at certain moment’s means that you can work to reduce the time it takes to get to customers and cut down on fuel costs and transportation time.

SPOTER Solutions for Taxi dispatch is designed to keep track of vehicles, where they are at any point in time, logging jobs and directing drivers as well as a host of other useful tools such as live and historic reporting. Depending on road and traffic conditions, owners and fleet managers can keep track of driver behavior such as hard acceleration, braking and engine idling that could be used to improve performance and reduce the possibility of accidents and a more comfortable ride for customers.



Spoter provides irrefutable data showing when and where each vehicle has traveled, providing protection against false accident claims and reports of late arrivals at scheduled appointments.


Spoter provides electronic verification of service time, providing drivers with "Back Up" in case of customer challenges.


Spoter provides an accurate, hands-free mileage log, saving valuable time.


With evening and weekend use can be monitored, few of our clients are now able to allow employees to use fleet vehicles after-hours. This saves many employees, and the company valuable, time and fuel.


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Spoter is an advanced Vehicle Monitoring System with advanced management capabilities that offers much more features than a standard GPS Tracking system at comparable, or in most cases lower cost.