SPOTER Tracking System for Employee Mgmt

spoter Employee management system spoter Employee management system spoter

Spoter [Android Mobile based  tracking System] is a comprehensive, Employee monitoring, control and management. It’s an effective low cost operation for fleet and HR operators, corporate organizations and agencies, Government. The essence of telemetry and use of location based services (LBS) is to enhance security, efficiency and reduce operation cost. 


In addition, it also enhances effective monitoring and control of personnel . We, Spoter is an advanced Monitoring System with management capabilities that offers much more features than a standard GPS Tracking system at comparable, or in most cases lower cost. The system is backed by technicians and engineers with the ability to customize expand and successfully deploy it to virtually any application. 


We have three Models for customers. Here I give features information about our standard basic model.

  • High sensitivity Android Programme.
  • Built –in switching service start-up.
  • Optional SMS functionality supported.
  • Built in monitoring & automatic fault recovery.
  • Support GSM 900/1800MHz cellular network as data carrier.
  • Support Any type of Android OS Version.
  • Optional Wiretapping (Voice monitoring).
  • Inbuilt motion sensor for power saving.
  • Geo- fencing control.
  • Portable, easy to install.
  • Real Time System View (Track a multiple Employee at a time).
  • On board data storage (The tracking information of previous month of your employee movement stored automatically.)
  • Advanced Reverse Geo-coding based on accurate google map data (accurate street names for stops)
  • Flexible Reporting Platform (Time on customer site, over idle, service/odometer, stop with distance travelled, geofence reports, etc.)
  • Mobile interface (View vehicle locations from a mobile device)


The solutions we offer provide visibility of your vehicle anywhere in India we also have significant technical advantages over other competing products in the market today. These solutions allow you to:


  • Increase safety of vehicles and occupants
  • Reduce operating cost
  • Have control of your vehicles
  • Reduce risk of theft to the barest minimum.
  • Increase productivity.


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Spoter is an advanced Vehicle Monitoring System with advanced management capabilities that offers much more features than a standard GPS Tracking system at comparable, or in most cases lower cost.