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SPOTER is glad to receive an Award
We at Spoter are thankful to each of its members, supporters and well-wishers for this achievement. Indeed this is our first step towards success, which comes with more added responsibility to maintain tremendous growth with our dedication, hard work and focus.
SPOTER vehicle tracking System
One area where vehicle tracking System has proved extremely beneficial in recent years is in helping with fleet management, whether in small towns or big cities. The latest technology is easy to use, allowing dispatchers and taxi fleet owners to keep tabs on their vehicles and manage them more effectively.
SPOTER vehicle tracking System
Vehicle tracking systems are commonly used by fleet operators for fleet management functions such as fleet tracking, routing, dispatching, on-board information and security.
SPOTER vehicle tracking System
Spoter [satellite based Vehicle tracking System] is a comprehensive, vehicle, driver and goods monitoring, control and management. Can use wide range of applications Easily.

Welcome to SPOTER Vehicle Tracking System

Our vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these fleet data for a comprehensive picture of vehicle locations. Our vehicle tracking systems commonly use GPRS technology for connect with the server but other types of automatic vehicle location technology can also be used. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or specialized software.

Management System 

Spoter  helps a owner to Track & manage, Monitor, Safe-guard,  driver, Goods and Fleet through a single web interface. 


Spoter tracking solutions have partnered with wellknown  mapping providers Google mapping – for the most accurate and up-to-date mapping available. 

Real- time Tracking

Undoubtedly, one of the most advantageous features of Spoter Tracking System is real-time information that one received about the location of the Car.

Better Maintenance

Improve the regularity and timeliness of preventative maintenance with automatic GPS tracking on